Fees and Payments

Listed here are the services at Lucia Farm, the cost of each, and a link to make a PayPal payment for each.

Call us at (703) 969-5917 or Email us at dru@luciafarm.com to schedule a service and then once scheduled, use the links on this page to send your payment.
Note: once on the PayPal screen, clicking on 'Continue' will process your payment - you will not be asked if you are sure. If you wish to cancel, instead click on "Cancel and return to Lucia Farm"

Any questions or concerns, give us a call.

Private Lesson $73.00
Semi-Private Lesson $57.00
Group Lesson $52.00
Full Day Camp $438.00
Full Day Camp (Deposit) $103.00
Half Day Camp $284.00
Half Day Camp (Deposit) $103.00
Ring Use Fee

Phone: (703) 969-5917

Email: dru@luciafarm.com

Mailing Address: P.o. Box 70, Lovettsville, VA 20180